HSHS Robotics Club-Hawktimus Prime T-shirts

We had the pleasure of working with the robotics club at Holly Springs High School and screen printing these awesome shirts that they designed themselves. They will be revealing a new robot this Friday evening at the high school. These kids are fantastic and the future of our science, math and engineering programs. We would like to thank HSHS Hawktimus prime for keeping it local and supporting our business.


Wolfpack T Sample

Wolfpack Fanwear

Here at Inked Custom Apparel sports are a big chunk of our lives. We love sports, we watch sports, we play sports.(Not always very well) And we love to support local teams. With many new sports season kicking off this fall we have been busy printing shirts and fan wear for the teams YOU all love best! So do give us a shout if you have a team that needs fanwear. We can print shirts, sweatshirts, koozies(for your drink) bags, and much more.

Please take a look at this fanwear shirt a local artist/teacher designed to support her team. And hey, feel free to buy one too!

Go Pack!


Eddie Spaghetti Fight Cancer Shirt!

Eddie Spaghetti Fight Cancer Shirt

Recently we learned about The Supersuckers’ lead singer, Eddie Spaghetti and his diagnosis with stage 3 oropharynx cancer. He underwent surgery and will begin radiation treatments this summer. Of course we wanted to do something to support this awesome musician and his family we decided to contact his wife and offer an Eddie Spaghetti-Kick Cancer’s Ass 2015- T-shirt. All proceeds will go to The Eddie Spaghetti Fight Cancer Support Fund found at this link. So go ahead and grab a very cool t-shirt listed at the very good price to help his family pay his medical bills.


Note from Eddie’s wife, Jessika Daly:

On the afternoon of Monday, June 15, after five long days of holding our breath, the phone finally rang, from a number we have all too soon memorized. “Eddie,” he said “you have stage 3 oropharynx cancer and you should come in for surgery as soon as possible.” I was driving the car, heading to Portland, OR with the whole family and even though we knew the call was coming, I had to pull over. I couldn’t breath, he was scrambling for paper and a pen and I just felt my arms get weak. I saw his face become tense and scared. This was the news we waited impatiently for, it was the call that would change everything.

Like E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

It is so hard to write this not only because of what is happening, but to whom it is happening to. I’m talking about my husband of nearly 16 years, who is a son, brother, nephew, uncle, friend and amazing father to our three kids Quattro, Elvis and Zeke (ages 14, 5, 3). I am talking about a man who chose his career path the minute he first heard The Knack play “My Sharona”. The guy who started a band, theSupersuckers, with his best friends and has played stages, big and small, around the world for the last 30 years. A man who has been doing just that thing that made him so happy as a kid. A man who is more important, influential, and crucial than he will ever know, to so many of us.

To say I’m crushed is the understatement of the century. To say we have had a tough year is the only truth I know.

Eddie Spaghetti of the Supersuckers, is now facing surgery to remove the cancer that was found in a neck mass during a biopsy in NYC. After a persistent, what we believed to be allergy related, swollen lymph node in his neck turned up squamous cell carcinoma while our family was traveling across the country on a year long journey, we were forced to seek an immediate Pet-scan in LA (where the band was meeting to start a tour). Knowing you have cancer cells in a neck mass is one thing, hearing that they need to scan your whole body to find out where it originated was too much for this guy.

Learning about the process shut him down for awhile. Unable to hold many conversations with me in those days we had to wait for the scan and then the 5 to wait for results. I was scared for him but I just kept asking “how are you doing?” everyday. Every 30 minutes probably. I was annoying. Seeing someone actually afraid of dying (or worse, his words, “not being able to sing…”), well, if it weren’t for our three kids, I’m just not sure how either of us would have survived. Keeping the news quiet and strictly with the closest of family (band included) was just an added bonus to the intense pressure that was building.

It is true what they say, that it takes a village. We would be in a dark, dark place without “our village” but thankfully, we are not. My best friend has cancer and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it. There’s no amount of money that would rid him of this horrible disease so many suffer from. There is no one I can call to make things better but the support that we already have felt from everyone knocks us off our feet.

After Eddie recovers from surgery (scheduled for Monday June 29 in Los Angeles) with his family by his side at our friends guest house, he will undergo radiation- everyday for at least 6 weeks. They are hopeful there will be no chemo but until the results come back, we will not know. In that time of his surgery recovery, I will be looking for an apartment and employment (writing, social media, personal assistant) in the LA area.

On June 18, Eddie played his last show with his band for awhile, making it bittersweet as he will be one step closer to getting this shit over with but he will have to put on hold the very thing he has always done; put his guitar strap across his shoulder, walk up to the mic and play his heart out. There will be no income after the last show before Eddie’s surgery while The Supersuckers have had to cancel their summer European tour and plans to release the next Supersuckers album are in jeopardy.

Jessika Daly (Eddie’s wife) (Quoted from Eddie’s Support Page)

Get well soon, Eddie.


Inked Custom Apparel Family



Swag for Heavy Rebel Weekender!

One of our favorite music festivals of the summer is Heavy Rebel Weekender. Every year bands and music fans from all over converge in Downtown Winston Salem at the Millennium Center for music, cars, bikes, food and games. Vendors both vintage and newly handmade crafts and clothing. Featuring over 80 bands in 3 days HRW has grown in popularity and in its 15th year is not showing signs of slowing down. This year we printed up and brought some of the event shirts and all had a great time! Check it out at HRW.

See you next year!

Inked Custom Apparel



Music Season is upon us!!!

Recently Inked Custom Apparel was able to print not only custom t-shirts but also a line of drink Kozies and handkerchiefs for a local band as they kick off their season of playing festivals, pubs and local breweries. Hope you get out and enjoy local music this summer. There are a lot of hard working bands out there. And let us know how we can help promote your band or organization this summer with one color designs.


Happy New Year!

Well, time rolls forward and we are looking at another productive year at Inked Custom Apparel. We have been proud to screen print for local businesses in 2014 and hope to keep doing so in the new year. Please shop local if you are out and about this holiday and honor some great local establishments. one of our favorite new places that we made custom screen printed shirts for is Drink, Drank, Drunk on Morgan street in Raleigh right next door to Atomic Salon. Locally owned by friends of ours. Wishing you all a prosperous 2015!

Eastern Stone

Custom Screen Printing

Custom Screen Printing

Inked Custom Apparel is proud to provide custom screen printing services to local businesses in Holly Springs, Cary, Apex and Fuquay Varina.

Our feature business for this month is Purple Polka Dot in Cary, NC and the Eastern Stone Shirt line they offer. We proudly print Eastern Stone Brand shirts sold at Purple Polka Dot retail store in Cary, NC. These custom printed t-shirts are printed on the super soft Comfort Colors brand shirts. They are super soft and selling quickly. Shop local and visit the Purple Polka Dot in Cary. Eastern Stone is a great company whose story starts out with a southern girl and a big time dream. Summers spent barefoot, sandy, and always down stream. Drum fishing brought her family close. Flip Flops, sweet tea, and southern hospitality seemed to mean the most. She grew up in the heart of the east coast and wouldn’t have it any other way. Living on the East Coast is a way of Life. This is where we planted our roots in stone. Visit Eastern Stone today.


Eastern Stone Tanks sold at Purple Polkadot Cary, NC

If we can help you tell your story, celebrate and event, print t-shirt for a fundraising event. Let us help you tell your story. Give Inked Custom Apparel a call if you have a custom screen printing idea and are looking for a local printer. Inked can custom screen print an image up to 4 colors. We have no hidden screen fees or added costs. We print on some of the top brand such as Gilden, Tultex, Canvas, Bella, and more. We also custom screen print accessories such as bags, towels, scarves and other promotional products. Let us know how we can help you today.


Inked Custom Apparel


Getting Ready for HRW 2014!

Well, this time rolls around every year. It’s the first first week in July, the 4th of July weekend is upon us and so is one of North Carolina’s largest music festivals. Heavy Rebel Weekender in now in it’s 11th year at the Millenium  Center in Winston Salem. And we are printing around the clock for our vendor booth and for many of the bands that will be playing. See ya there!